The Original car fabrics :

We offer fabrics and knitted fabrics produced for the automotive industry. Materials designed, manufactured and used by automotive companies for upholstery covers for front and rear car seats, the door cards. Unique to textile market weight ensures extreme resistance to abrasion. A special non-flammable yarn that is also UV resistant to prevent colour fade out even in the hottest of climates. For full comfort fabrics have been laminated with PU foam with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 12 mm.

All our materials are sourced from Europe. These are the designs of both the currently produced models of cars as well as from before of some or several years, and even vintage models.
The build quality of the product with the highest grade raw materials and original design ensures the satisfaction of the final customer

We offer all the necessary components to repair or manufacture of automotive upholstery, car seat covers and other elements of the upholstery.

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather

Original Automotive Artificial Leather

We would like to invite you to familiarise with the offer of automotive leathers, we offer hundreds of pattern and rich colour range. We offer both original designs in colours and grains materials that are used to produce current European car models as well as a wide colour range of vinyls dedicated for the secondary market that meet all the standards of the automotive industry

We provide abrasion-resistant materials – over than 100 000 Martindele cycles, fading-resistant, resistant to high temperatures and frost-resistant even up to – 23 C, antibacterial and anti-fungal coats to facilitate cleaning, resistant to blood and other physiological and salt water. Read more…


Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather

Car floor linings

We offer velour carpets, tufted and felt. Both for finishing and for inner layers – soundproofing. From soft and flexible (contoured even without heating), stiffed with specialised trim to facilitate bonding to the ones enhanced with special grains or backed with rubber.

As in the case of artificial leather, we offer both original carpets from automotive industry almost directly from the assembly lines and the ones dedicated to aftermarket certified to meet the standards of the automotive industry.

The diversity of types of carpets allows for the completion of the interior floor of cars, buses, yachts, utility vehicles. As well as trunk linings, coaches walls and other specialised vehicles.

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather



Flexible knitted fabrics with high resistance to fading, taped (laminated) with special PU foam, we offer hundreds of shades of grey, black and beige.

We offer them as the most flexible version with PU foam for manufacture or repair demanding surfaces or with additional layer to facilitate gluing.

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather

Automotive original Alcantara is available as Panel, Cover and Soft as well as perforated version. We offer full colour range.

Original Alcantara is produced only in one factory in the world. Its unique features allowed to dominate the design of car interiors, especially the leading brands and the best version of the car models. Thanks to this has become synonymous with luxury. There is no material on the market, the quality would be close though. Used fibres and unique production technology makes an extraordinary softness, durability that are unprecedented among other materials. Even after many years Alcantara remains as good as new, and its care and cleaning is very easy. Read more….

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather

Automotive natural leather

We offer natural car leather dedicated to the car upholstery production and repairs. Production of automotive leather is a complicated and long process. Resistance to abrasion, fading, temperature extremes makes this material differs greatly from natural leather for furniture upholstery trade. In our offer you can find both of genuine car leather used for current model production as well as dedicated for secondary market meeting industry highest quality standarts. Read more…

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather


Every detail is of the utmost importance. A proper decorative seams and stitches make the whole design perfect. We offer a unique thread dedicated for sewing leather car upholstery, highly resistance to fading and dirt. Thread for decorative stitching and durable thread for sewing. More than 240 colours to choose from, available in various thicknesses and spool sizes.

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather

Contract sales

In F4C offer you can find the entire range of different structurally as well as colour – artificial leather used as upholstery coverings for individual pieces of equipment in the premises of public utilities, hotels, offices. Vinyls offered by us are characterised by high quality and are available in different variants of lamination, perforation within each individual arrangements with the client

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather


We also offer a wide variety of vinyls dedicated for boats and yachts upholstery. Products of this range are characterised by a high flexibility, abrasion resistance and practically does not fade over the time. These are the products of the highest quality, offered at very attractive prices.

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather


Part of products we offer has additional technical data sheets, indicating resistance to contaminants during medical procedures. In addition, some of our vinyls are resistant to fungus and microorganisms as well as resistant to UV rays. Supplementary those products are waterproof and frost resistance. According to this significant part of our product range is used in medical industry .

Car fabrics,artificial leather, leather


Our extended offer include fabrics dedicated to furniture upholstery. Artificial leathers and fabrics in this category are specific application in the case of the upholstery of chairs and other upholstered pieces of the office equipment. Both our fabrics and artificial leathers characterise higher weights and resistance to abrasion than typical upholstery materials.