Automotive Alcantara

Original Alcantara is a patented material produced only by one factory in the world located in Italy. It remains leading position among car interior design materials. It is difficult to find exclusive car manufacture who would not offer Alcantara interiors in produced by them top car models. Over the years Alcantara has gained opinion of the most desirable car interior material and has become synonymous with luxury. See on ebay ….


Alcantara Cover

Thickness – 0,95 mm

Unit weight – 325 -400 g/m2

Width – 142 cm

Alcantara Pannel

Thickness – 0,83 – 0,85 +/-0,15 mm

Unit weight – 240+/-30 – 310+/-40 g/m2

Width – 142 cm

Alcantara Perforation

We offer perforated Alcantara. We provide both versions: original perforation from manufacturers sample book and full “through” for each colour of Cover version.

alcantara perforation

Alcantara is a registered trademark of  Alcantara S.p.A.